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There are many meditation techniques intended to bring about a higher level of consciousness. Through the Paramita Path you learn meditations to help you open your spiritual heart. The space of the heart allows for infinite possibilities.

Paramita Path meditations are encoded and programmed with specific patterns of Light so that the purpose of each meditation manifests. In addition, each meditation is programmed to evolve at the same rhythm as the person who listens to it and the energy of the meditation aligns instantly to the energy of the listener.

To enhance your meditation experience, light an incense stick and candle. Sit in a comfortable position, with your feet flat on the floor. You can also sit on a cushion in the lotus or semi-lotus position. Place your hands on your lap, palms facing upwards. This will allow the energy to flow through your body. Close your eyes and enjoy the peace in your heart.

The following are short audio and video meditations to help you get started in activating and opening your spiritual heart. As you open your heart, you will be filled with love, peace and joy.

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Sacred Space Of The Heart
In this meditation, filled with peace and Light, you enter into the sacred space of your heart, the place of Pure Love within you. There, you feel the Creator’s presence, you feel the peace of the Creator’s Love and you surrender completely, dissolving in the peace, in the Light, in the Love of the Divine Presence.

Healing With Crystalline Light
In this meditation you are guided to bring a special healing Light to your physical and energy bodies. This Light not only heals your body, it also brings a beautiful crystalline energy to your whole being. This crystalline Light precipitates humanity’s spiritual evolution and supports our transformation from beings based on the density of the carbon element to crystalline beings of very high vibration.

Opening The Heart
This Quick Heart Opening Meditation assists in bringing peace and well-being to your heart. Whenever you are affected by dense emotions such as sadness, anger, impatience and others, listen to this meditation and you will return to the perfection of your being.

Your heart opens to the peace of Divine Presence.

Meditation to Heal Your Heart
In this meditation, you are guided to open your heart to the Light of Pure Love so that all energies of suffering in your heart are healed and replaced with peace, joy, hope and love.

Sphere of Sunshine
At times we might be overcome by hopelessness and feel a heavy weight in our hearts. In this meditation, received from the highest planes of LIght, a beautiful angel installs a sphere of sunshine in your heart. This sphere of sunshine fills your heart and your whole being with hope and joy.
You walk in the Light.

Meditation to Heal
The Meditation To Heal contains within its words the Light of Pure Love. As you listen to this meditation this healing Light awakens within your heart and flows to every cell in your body, regenerating and healing so that everything within you is in harmony with the perfection of the Light.

he healing Light of Pure Love fills your heart and your whole self.

To Heal Your Cells With Light
In this meditation your cells receive an influx of healing Light. This potent, pure Light is the energy of divine Love that flows to you directly from the Creator’s heart. Divine Love penetrates the cancerous cells in your body and activates the healing function that is present within you. In addition, this beautiful and radiant Light protects your healthy cells and strengthens your immune system. You are in a state of wholeness.

The Light of Pure Love heals and regenerates.

Purification Meditation
Many times our energy is affected by the dense energies around us. Also, our negative thoughts and emotions, such as doubt, anger, frustration and impatience can affect our energy and keep us from vibrating at a high frequency.

In this Purification Meditation the energy of the Light flows through you to cleanse dense energies from your physical and energy bodies as well as your surroundings. You purify completely and your whole being becomes more spiritualized. As you increase your vibration, your beautiful heart opens and you enter into a state of well-being and peace.

The peace of divine Love is in you. Always.

Forgiveness Meditation
Forgiveness is a sacred act that brings us to a very high spiritual realization. As you forgive you truly practice unconditional love and compassion.
These are essential elements to live within the Light. Forgiveness is so important because as you forgive those who have hurt you, you open your heart to Divine Love, you let go of negative energies in your being and your heart fills with Light.
The scars in your heart heal and your heart is filled with love, joy and peace.

The peace of divine Love is in you. Always.

Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude and Grounding Meditation is one of the most important keys to open your heart. As you feel gratitude for everything and everyone in your life, a beautiful energy is created and more blessings come to you. Be grateful even for those situations that may not be positive, as these provide you with opportunities to learn life’s lessons and grow.

Every instant, gratitude opens your heart and fills it with Light.

Sanctuary of the Heart
In this Paramita Path meditation you will find the inner refuge in the center of your being where there is peace, joy and radiant divine Love. You can enter into this sacred sanctuary and stay there all the time.

Your heart is your sanctuary, your divine refuge of Pure Love.

Meditation to Bring Pure Love to the World
This meditation from Paramita Path offers you a beautiful practice that will bring to you and anchor in your heart and the world the Light of Pure Love. As you do this simple practice every day, you will open a beautiful portal of divine Love in your heart. Through this portal the Creator’s Pure Love radiates, in an instant, to everything around you and to the Planet. After doing the practice regularly, your ability to radiate the Love of Pure Love becomes a spontaneous spiritual practice.
You are a beautiful instrument of Pure Love.

Thank you for listening.

May Divine Light fill your life with Peace, Love and Joy.

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