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Welcome and Namaste.

Do something different. Saying yes instead of no can make a significant change in your life journey.

My life… has been a spicy blend of experiences, challenges, lessons, love, heart break and many forms of success. This blend has allowed for a deep enlightenment of who I am, which I am grateful.

With over 20 years experience working with people… Who am I today?

• A seasoned Psychotherapist, with a holistic approach
• Compassionate Sacred Healer
• Engaging Cultural Trainer – working with Corporations and Expats relocating to Puerto Rico
• Motivating Guest Speaker on a variety of topics from Corporate to personal

This combination of experiences allows me to be of service to my clients and family in a profound way.

The beginning of my true awakening came after an overwhelming life changing event. This life transition left me fragile, lost, emotionally and spiritually wounded…searching for some kind of solace from my darkness.

During that bleak time, I connected and made an appointment with my first “energy healer”. Although energy healing was foreign to me, my suffering begged for some kind of relief. Saying “yes” to experience a healing session was the beginning of my path to recovery and opened doors to a new way of life.

The healing experience profoundly changed my life, my soul purpose and approach to helping others. That initial session allowed me to pursue different modalities of energy work over the years.  All these teachings have guided me to my current technique as a Sacred Healer.

My approach in Psychotherapy and helping others is to treat the mind, body and spirit.  This method allows you to reach maximum potential and healing.

One of my passions is to see others heal and move forward with grace and ease. This transition allows for a beautiful healing experience to occur awakening your life purpose.

I look forward to knowing you and your infinite possibilities!

Lynn Stravecky

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