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Spouse Assistance Program [view details]

Some Program highlights…

• Practical aspects of daily living and working in Puerto Rico
• Overview of important aspects of Puerto Rican culture, such as: History, government, politics, society, safety, medical, business and social etiquette
• Cultural Awareness
• Importance of what culture is and how it impacts how we live and work
• Cultural Shock phases and prevention
• Effective business communication, negotiating and strategy techniques
• Important language survival skills & current events

Benefits of Program Participation…

• Deeper understanding of Puerto Rican values, behaviors and attitudes, and their impact on the assignment and family while in Puerto Rico
• Working knowledge of Puerto Rican social and business protocol and etiquette
• A greater ability to interact successfully with Puerto Ricans, both socially and in business
• A personal action plan for getting the most out of living and working in Puerto Rico for all participants
• Supported and satisfied employee and family members
• Local executive resource trainer included in program to work with employee on assignment goals and strategies
• Assures employee, family members and company support for a successful relocation


• Our programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each employee and family relocating to Puerto Rica as well as the company
• Half, full, two-day, spouse assistance or any need that is requested
• Pre-program questionnaires and phone interviews allow us to customize each program
• Separate program available for children ages five and up, which are interactive, fun and educational

• Lynn Stravecky; Seasoned Cross Cultural Trainer and Psychotherapist facilitates the programs providing over 15 years of experience working with Corporate employees and their families
• A local Executive Business Resource person included in (2-day programs) covering:
– Effective communication, management and negotiating styles with the employee
– Business etiquette issues
– Assignment goals and strategies
• Programs are usually 2-day in length (suggested), allowing for an in-depth exploration of living issues on the first day and working issues on the second day. One day programs focus primarily on issues of adjustment to life in Puerto Rico

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