Are you going through a life changing event?  Maybe a divorce, loss of a job, illness, financial crisis.. or even the aftermath of Hurricane Maria!  PTSD is real and can last for years if not properly treated.

Change can be messy and uncomfortable… But, if you make it through there is usually a lot to be gained in the aftermath… Going off to College or a new relationship can also be painful and life changing.

Getting through  is the key.  Many people tend to devalue the strength and power of a life change… Getting the proper help during that time is crucial to see you through and assure you don’t self destruct or go back to unhealthy behaviors.

In my twenty years as a Therapist.. I believe that receiving Psychotherapy and healing work can  assure that the process is less painful and quicker… You are receiving healing, support and tools to move through and forward.

I invite you to leave a comment on your life changing events with support and without.

I look forward to knowing you.


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